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Computer to Plate Printers
  Computer to Plate (CTP) imagesetter

Kimosetter 410

Discontinued - Please visit www.mykimosetter.com for product support.
Computer to Film Printer

Kimosetter 340i
Discontinued - Please visit www.mykimosetter.com for product support.
bullet Kimoplate e2 for Kimosetter 410

Kimoplate e2 is an environmentally friendly and chemistry free single-sided polyester printing plate designed to be imaged exclusively with the Kimosetter 410.

Neither etching nor post fusing are required. Due to the stability of this 0.140mm thick polyester plate, accurate image size and good registration can be achieved.

The Kimoplate e2 is compatible with most fountain solutions as well as most common printing inks. Matte, hydrophilic coating has better water-holding capacity and is scratch and fingerprint resistant.
bullet Laser Kimoplate LP4 and S
  Kimoplate LP4 and S are polyester printing plates that are imaged on laser printers.

Kimoplate LP4 is compatible with electro-static plate master which requires an etching process before printing.

Kimoplate S is a chemical free laser plate and is used in the same press environment as the Silver Master or Metal plates. Just wipe the plate surface with plain water before printing.

Both Kimoplate LP4 and S have an excellent water absorbent surface developed by Kimoto's specialty coating technologies. This ensures quality prints and easy handling for press operators.  


Plate sizes 

From business card printers to A3+ size by the largest laser printers.

Print run length

10000 or more with LP4 plate, 5000 or more with S3 plate.


Compared to paper master, it has excellent dimensional stability.

Water absorbent

The non-image areas have excellent water absorbent characteristics that ensure a stable quality of printing.


Good registration allows spot color printing.


Excellent line definition that comes from the CTP process.

Time and cost

Compared to camera work and film making, direct laser plates can save time and cost.

Printer choice

Kimoplate LP4/S is compatible with many laser printers available in the market.


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