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Custom Coating
Industrial Films
Flexiber Film
Ohmlex Film
KB Film
Light-Up Film

Silk Screen 

    Kimodesk Premium
    Kimodesk Premium Clear
    Silkjet SC4
    Silkjet UC5
Projection Screen 
DILAD Screens
    Type T40SI
    Type T90SK
    Type WSK
    Type GSK
    Gray Premium
Digital Imaging 
Window Film
Offset Printing 
Computer to Plate Printer
    Kimosetter 410
Computer to Film Printer
    Kimosetter 340i
    Kimoplate e2
Kimoplate LP4
    Kimoplate S


  Custom Coating 

Custom Coating

The combination of our comprehensive manufacturing and advanced research and development facilities allows us to undertake virtually any film coating project; from customized formulations and products to an extensive product line for architectural applications.

Industrial and Electronics Film Products

Products found in electronic displays and panels. Manufactured with a super transparent, high gloss, anti-glare, or matte appearance depending on the customer's requirements.

  Silk Screen

Silk Screen Printing Products

Laser or inkjet printable polyester films for screen printing are well suited for multi-color screen printing jobs when tight registration is critical.

  Projection Screen Projection Screen Films - DILAD Screen

With Kimoto's specialized coating technology, its light diffusion layer and forward scattering characteristics generate an image on the screen with high contrast and brightness.

  Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging Products

 - Graphic imaging Inkjet media

  Offset  Offset Printing Products

This line of products include Kimosetter CTP and CTF Solutions and laser-imageable polyester printing plates (LP4 and S).


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